Tips for Buying a Pop up Gazebo

Pop Up Gazebo

Who doesn’t like spending their time outdoors or in a garden during sunny days? Imagine yourself relaxing outside and feeling the breeze when it suddenly starts raining. Quite irritating, right? In such Australian harsh weather conditions, it becomes too difficult to plan something and if one does, needs to keep an umbrella handy to rescue from such unpredictable situations.

Doesn’t sound too good, right? Don’t worry; every situation has a solution; so does this. Pop-up Gazebos are the best option for such dramatic situations. Ideal for picnics and camping, this pop up gazebos is a special instant shelter that can be set up within minutes. They can be installed and removed with ease, are affordable and are portable enough to be carried anywhere.

There are different types of pop up gazebos available in the market today. You can choose from a wide range of one piece pop up, pop up screen house, king canopy gazebo and cabana pop up. There are some useful tips listed below so that you can make a wise purchase.


What’s the main reason for you to buy the pop up gazebo? The answer to this question will help you decide what kind of gazebo you need to buy. For instance, if you need a shelter for your outdoor living space, ‘one piece pop up’ gazebo is the ideal choice. The fabric used in this prevents 90% UV rays, reduces 30% heat, easy to clean and resistant to mold. The “Pop up Screen house” made from galvanized metal and a vinyl roof is perfect for your garden. The “king canopy gazebo” is ideal for parties and is great fun to spend time in. The “cabana pop up” comes with a vented top keeping the interior cool and pleasant making them a perfect option for the poolside.

Metal Thickness:

More the thickness – more the durability! When put under pressure, thicker bars prevent them from bending and flexing. The thinner bars bends quickly and once the bars are even slightly bent they will eventually break in the short term leading to accidents. It may also affect the ease of using tents. The standard thickness size of these bars is around 1.5mm.

Metal Type:

A lot of gazebos made from steel are available in the market. However, investing in such steel gazebos is not a good idea. As when left in wet conditions, these gazebos will rust weakening the frame and making it useless. Always opt out for gazebos made using strong aluminum, as they will not corrode which ultimately will enhance the shelf life of your gazebos. This means you can even leave these gazebos in rain without any worries or concern.


Joints are one of the most important parts of the frame. It determines strength and durability. Majority plastic or nylon joints are used in the gazebos available in the market. This is because the manufacturer finds it a cheaper option but it also reduces the gazebo’s shelf life. To make your gazebo last long, always choose the pop up gazebo having metal joints on its roof. Metal joints act as the suspension, preventing any movements caused due to high winds. They are able to withstand the pressure of heavy wind or any other movement in the roof. Aluminum joints are the best choice.


Who doesn’t like to have a cherry on a cake? Same goes with the reinforcements. They are an added bonus which adds considerable strength to the bars. Usually, the gazebos don’t have reinforcements whilst some commercial grades will have them in the roof. However, it is highly advisable to have the reinforcement in the lower legs and roof bars as it takes some of the pressure from the metal joints, preventing the frame from bending and keeping the pop-up gazebo locked in a position.

When you are buying a pop-up gazebo for your trade show, sporting events or marketing, it’s important to know what you are buying. Sometimes you’re unsure what are you looking for and buy something which is not able to withstand breeze. Usually, standard pop-up gazebos are ideal for the individual looking for a reliable yet affordable gazebo for summer use while a heavy duty gazebos manufactured using high-quality aluminum are best for commercial usage. Buying an instant pop up gazebo is not as difficult as you think. Be informed and opt out for heavy duty gazebo!